Board Members and Staff

Stephen E. Sands – Executive Director and Chairperson  

Helping people has always been Stephen's passion and making his living as a business coach helps fill that passion. 

Stephen has enjoyed writing with inmates for a long time and has developed many long-term relationship with them.  Some of the relationships continue after they have been released and as successful EX- offenders are leading product lives. At any given time he is writing to 4 or 8 inmates.

Stephen leads "Walking Your Faith" classes in Perry County Prison as a volunteer with Second Chance Ministries ( and speaks on their behalf at graduation service for inmates who have successfully complete the course.  

He is on the Board of Directors of CRESC, Capital Region Ex-offender Support Coalition ( and works on their Housing Committee.

Ed Stevenson – Board Member and Treasurer

Ed Stevenson was a business coach from ActionCOACH for 10 years.  He offers a broad range of services and training designed to help small to medium size business owners.  His expertise is in marketing, sales, team building and profit enhancement.

Ed has a B.S. in Economics from Virginia Tech University and earned his MBA from Shippensburg University.  Upon graduating from Virginia Tech, Ed moved to the Harrisburg area for its economic stability and community values.

His professional career includes senior management positions in local financial institutions.  He has built numerous sales teams and has an expertise in combining marketplace dynamics with company goals.

Ed brings valuable experience from his banking and lending background. 

Gail Sands  – Board Member and Bookkeeping

Ed and Joanne Wintergrass - Board Member

Cary Lyod - Board Member



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